happily ever after

Friday, December 24, 2010

cry not

cry not ,for god is with you
fret not ,for i am with you
think of all the happy moments you had
take a deep breath and relax
close your mind and be silent in your mind
meditate and contemplate
on this beautiful earth
the blessing you are now enjoying 
seeing and enjoying with your eyes
think of those without sight
physical and mental
some may have sight but still do not bend to seek
you will realise how better you are
how you can make the difference
how sane you are
so ,do not fret or regret
get up and move on with a new power.

Monday, December 13, 2010

sweet meet

smile,be angry not
think of all the love in your heart
of those who are less fotunate than you
think of how blessed you are
of all the gifts you have
fight not,argue not
take your time to think
life is fast,waste it not
put the pieces together
life is for enjoying with loved ones
let ego's not clash
become one soul
live in paradise
satisfaction leads to a happy life.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

peaceful home

a happy home it must be
for every kid ,be it he or she
laughter and peace a home should have
not boiling anger like a volcano
ready to burst and destroy
even the one who ,alas has forgotten to enjoy
remove the ego and anger
bend a little,to conquer
anger and ego are not the winners
love can mend and join again
hearts that are in constant pain

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Marriage Back On Track

       Marriages are made in heaven,they say.In today's stress ridden and fast life,where compromises are not accepted,relationships are broken without a second thought.
       It takes time to develop friendship into a ralationship,but nowadays,shallow causes lead to broken hearts,divorce and unhappy endings.
       To get your marriage Back On Track,you should look out for warning signs like
  1. growing apart
  2. workaholic
  3. unresolved conflict
  4. extramarital affairs[read more on.....{SaveMyMarriageToday.} 
          Marriage can brought Back On  Track by
  • Stopping Arguments
  • Not Cheating
  • Having a Positive Attitude
  • Being Humourous
  • Not Giving up easily
  • Not raking up old stories and events
  • Being Honest
  • Caring for each other inspite of differences
        The ultimate test of the relationship is to disagree but still hold hands.Real Marriage is about imperfect people doing their best to nurture and bring in love.Understand your shortcomings too and don't zoom in on your partner's faults alone.try to adjust to the level best.
        Couples need to identify the possible causes that limit their time spent together.There are two ways to talk,one is to be POLITE,the other RUDE.It does not cost anything to be pleasant,but it will bring about the desired action quickly.
        When open communication is established,couples ae free to share their feelings and thoughts.Appreciation as well as being patient with faults and shortcomings{after all Nobody is PERFECT} makes lasting love possible.Once you take a little step towards compromise{even if your partner is on the verge of ditching you},go ahead and remind yourself about your first happy day together and approach the partner,a Positive Vibration will surely arise in you both,which might go on to become the rock on which you shall build your home.
         Reasons however trivial or serious they may be, Amy Waterman and Andrew Rusbatch reveal to you real causes of a troubled marriage or relationship and guides you through bad times by giving Moral Support which you may not get by paying an exorbitant sum to a councillor.They teach you on
  1. how to bring momentum in marriage
  2. repair and heal relationships
  3. how to deal with personal attack
  4. learn the secets of successful marriage
  5. raising children
          Don't waste any more tim.Get your relationship back on track.
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         All  power lies within you.You become what you think get up, act now.use the steps provided and smile happily.Live life the way you wanted to.Start you marriage rescue mission today