happily ever after

Friday, December 24, 2010

cry not

cry not ,for god is with you
fret not ,for i am with you
think of all the happy moments you had
take a deep breath and relax
close your mind and be silent in your mind
meditate and contemplate
on this beautiful earth
the blessing you are now enjoying 
seeing and enjoying with your eyes
think of those without sight
physical and mental
some may have sight but still do not bend to seek
you will realise how better you are
how you can make the difference
how sane you are
so ,do not fret or regret
get up and move on with a new power.

Monday, December 13, 2010

sweet meet

smile,be angry not
think of all the love in your heart
of those who are less fotunate than you
think of how blessed you are
of all the gifts you have
fight not,argue not
take your time to think
life is fast,waste it not
put the pieces together
life is for enjoying with loved ones
let ego's not clash
become one soul
live in paradise
satisfaction leads to a happy life.