happily ever after

Friday, January 14, 2011

are you crying?

Why are you crying lately most of the time? Where is the love that was so magical now? What has happened to your relationship that you are quarrelling and crying most of the time?
A serious problem may be underlying beneath which if untreated could cause in break of relationship. Lack of understanding between partners could be the first cause. Difference of opinions could cause fights. Remember that marriage is a union, not a platform to debate or argue. Love should be true and unselfish, and then problems will not rise. The basis for arguments is the factor that wants are not satisfied, when wants or desires are not satisfied, then grudges surface and heated words are spoken. Words if blurt out cannot be taken back and will remain in a corner of the mind till it surfaces again in another fight. During such moments, heart aches like never before and a rift occurs mentally. If possible, try to adjust by spending time together and sort out priorities.
Another problem is flirting. The partner’s wayward behavior often destroys a relationship. This kind of situation creates anger and confusion. One way to overcome this phase could be to bring back love instead of giving up. Patience pays, so wait and try to love the partner more and behave as if you are not really affected or bothered by the situation. One of the greatest drawbacks is nagging, if you nag your partner always, then surely he or she will be put off. So do not pester, have a little bit of patience. Remember slow and steady wins the race. If you observe happily married couples of many years, you will see that they complement each other, but this was not achieved in one day.
Try to be realistic in life. Expecting the heaven when you enter into a marriage and then when reality strikes you in the face could upset the mind and sudden outbursts could cause fights. Before committing, it is advisable to have a long talk about life and what both the partners want out of this relationship, whether they are really going to stay put in the marriage or just having a trial and error method. Maturity and love should form the foundation of a marriage, not infatuation or other factors. If both the partners are mature and adjusting, then rest assure the marriage will stand the test of time, no matter what the obstacles might be.
True love means unselfishness. When partners marry, love and not other factors like money or fame should be the criteria. Remember the story of the Gift of the Magi. If true love is present, then flaws will be overlooked and mistakes shall be lovingly corrected.
So be patient, give time and think hard about solutions before leaping to conclusions or decisions. Remember what factors attracted you in the first place and try to bring back the same kind of feelings by spending more time together. Nothing is impossible. Every problem has a solution, try at least a few times to solve any misunderstanding and convince yourself that you can save your relationship. Live happily ever after.


  1. that is why love is not just an emotional thing, it is a commitment ♥

  2. thank u for reading and commenting ,my dear.