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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Stay and save your marriage

Has your marriage been rough of recent? Do you feel like giving up? Don't! 
Stay put and save your marriage. Do not quit easily. Giving up before you even try is a sign of weakness. Don’t think that you can’t revive your marriage. You may not realize it, but every human has got mental power and if harnessed and used in a proper manner, it can change your lives forever.

The first step is to convince yourself that you are an important person whether or not anybody accepts or ridicules you. Nobody has any right to treat you like an animal. When you give confidence to your soul, you will not henceforth suffer any more abuse. It works.

It has taken time, money, emotions and effort to form a relationship with your partner. So do not let trivial matters upset your relationship which was once filled with love. Try to revive the same love that once filled your heart.

Conflicts occur because partners do not agree on many matters. But instead of arguing and separating, try to solve problems by consulting and seeking advice from elders. Their lifetime of experience must not be treated lightly.

Children should be brought up in an environment of love. Consider your children’s future before jumping to decisions. A boy must have his own father‘s proximity when growing up. Likewise a girl must have her mother’s support during hr teenage years. Before parting try to think of their well being and give it one more try.

Selfish motives and thoughts are impediments in a marriage. Try to remove selfish thoughts and desires because they make one egocentric. Love is lost when one thinks of only one’s own aims and ends. One drop of poison spoils a glass of water. Likewise, a selfish thought will spoil a marriage, a beautiful relationship.

Lack of spending time with each other can cause a rift in relationships. Other interests or friends may take your place if you do not show the same amount of proximity and love toward your partner. So is not prevention better than cure?

Emotions and love play an important role in married life. Try to show more love and be true in your feelings toward your partner. Superficial love is soon seen through.

Last, but not least partners should complement each other. They should rely on each other’s support and love so that whenever a problem arises, their marriage will not fail.

Marriage should be treated with respect and responsibility because it forms the backbone of society. Partners should adjust to the maximum before calling it quits. So try to save your marriage, please. Remember, marriages are made in heaven. Bring back the love that was once present and live happily once more.

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