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Sunday, January 23, 2011

how to really love and be loved?

                     Please Help Me (save marriage)

What therefore god hath joined together let not man put asunder
                                                                              Psalm–ST. Mark. 10, 9

Emotional distress in strained relationships and marriages are increasing by the day. Modern technology has given man many a comfort in daily life. He has become more lazy and arrogant. Loved ones are no longer close to man. Instead, man finds pleasure in seeking other forbidden fruits.

When partners in a marriage spouses start to quarrel and if they are really young and immature, it is had to bring them back together. They may not see reason. In such situations, counseling and prayer may be of help.

Fighting for trivial causes must be avoided because marriage involves not only two persons who love each other but their families and friends also. The emotional breakdown is not worth it.

When a marriage is dissolved it brings forth a lot of problems like dislocation, money matters etc. When these factors are looked into before dissolving a marriage, i.e. if the partners are wise enough to think of these before calling it quits, then they will realize that the cause of the fight is silly and not worthy of any sacrifice. And they will compromise.

Aggravating a problem must be avoided by close relatives and friends. When advising a couple we must be careful not to put oil in a raging fire, i.e. we should not antagonize the partners. Otherwise they may take wrong decisions.

Sometimes a fight if slept over a day or two will be forgotten soon. So it is better not to fight back unnecessarily and create chaos and confusion and a disturbed house. My mother-in-law always says when my husband and I quarrel that she will not interfere when we seek her advice because according to her a husband and wife will fight one day and love the next day. So if she were to take sides, she would be the fool. I took this advice from her and more and keep my mouth shut, zip it up when my husband tries to provoke me with words or actions. After some time, he gives up when I do not react and soon the whole matter is forgotten.

Real love will stand the test of time, so give up your ego and pride, love unconditionally, even if your partner is not worth it because they will one day realize your value. Why jump from frying pan to another fire?

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