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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Life Is Love Share It

Love for love's sake. Love is the most warm emotion in life. 
Love is the cause of creation of life. Two persons become one, two souls merge because of love and this brings forth happiness in the mind. Life is meant to be shared. What happiness will we have if we live in an island of our own? It is only when we connect with people that we feel at home.

Home is where the heart is. Married persons or those involved in a relationship should never make the following mistakes if they want to be happy forever with their partners.
They are:
  1. Taking partners for granted and not giving them full attention- don’t make the mistake of ignoring partner once settled because marriage is like a tender sapling which needs utmost care and protection till it has reached a certain maturity level.
  2. Flirting-even if your partner is magnanimous and open hearted, their heart will pain if you give more than necessary attention to unwanted people. Try to avoid flirting if you really love your partner.
  3. Arguing- nobody till date has ever won an argument properly. Even if self declaring to be the winner, the other person will have grudges against you, so never argue with your partner. It will only pull you apart. If you want your partner to accept your view, try to speak kindly and encourage him or her to clarify his point of view, slowly he or she will accept yours and both of you can come to a consensus.
  4. Give up exorbitant desires- try to live with what you have, give up irrational desires and be satisfied and content with what God has given you. Try not to look up, but compare your life with those who are less lucky than you and you will realize that you are better off. Excessive desires make you hungry for more and less patient leaving you stressed and unhappy. This could affect your marriage.
  5. Not spending time together more- most people spend their time in other pursuits like social networking etc. ignoring their near and dear. While society is a must it does not mean that one should be addicted to it day and night.
  6. Addictions- The partners should always be on the lookout for snares like addiction. Do not let your partner be controlled by any form of addiction because you may lose your position in his or her heart, let not that happen. Be brave to oppose this trait. Prevention is better than cure.
There are so many more points to be chewed and followed if you want to make your marriage work. Love unconditionally and that is the secret of a real marriage. In my married life I have gone through many rough times and there were days when I was left in tears most of the time. Only patience and support from God and my mother has helped me through.

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