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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

your marriage can be saved

What is the secret of happily married for years, couples? Have you ever wondered?  When you see middle aged or aged pairs in public places who seem to be completely involved in each other, don’t you feel jealous, sometimes? What is the secret behind their happiness?
LOVE and UNSELFISHNESS and complete surrender to each other without any conditions are the main secrets of such happy marriages. The children of such marriages are also happy. This happiness is the result of pure unconditional love. In such families, the children benefit most, because, they are brought up in an environment of love and care and they transmit this love to their partners also.
This happy note was not achieved in one day. It might be the result of years of living together in the most trying times and not calling it quits. Trials and tribulations are part of everyday life. Nobody escapes these phases, but some go on, they do not give up easily. The Never Say Die Spirit dwells in them. That’s the secret behind their happy married life.
The most common mistakes couples make are
  • Arguing at the slightest pretext
  • Complaining  to their close ones about their partners in their presence
  • Being selfish and Egocentric
  • Impatient
  • Having Minimum Tolerance level
  • Not adjusting to partner’s habits
  • Not giving Personal space or time to each other [this is the most important point because familiarity breeds contempt even between couples. Don’t always sling on each other’s necks all the time.]
  • Finding faults [nobody likes criticism] Read more here…
Causes are many, but do not waste time raking up old stories or fights of the past. Shed your depression. Wake up to the new you and become BOLD and BRAVE. Save your relationship before you are shown the door. This is not what YOU DREAMT. This is not the LIFE you had planned. Revive your love and remember your first meeting. Instead of
remembering your fights try to think and analyze whether you were also at fault, and try to reconcile and approach your partner with true repentance and love[unconditional].See the difference for yourselves. Even the hardest of hearts can be won with love. Take Action NOW and be guided .Life is to be enjoyed, not to be wasted away. Your life is the most precious gift you have. Don’t squander it away on bad habits, and bad gossiping company. Please realize that gossip mongers only help to destroy your precious and happy life of which they are jealous about.
Arise from the ashes and march forward to a new life with your partner. YOU can do it, because all power lies within your self.

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  1. I think you made many wonderful points! I'll keep your site in mind, hopefully BEFORE the need arises :)-